Bright-Minds Problems to Innovation

In line with the celebration of 14th August 2022, ORIC and QEC are going to organize

Bright-Minds Idea (BMI) Competition

in which researchers shall highlight a problem/issue at hand and will come up with solution for it. The purpose of the competition is to combine research and genius of our Alhamd researchers which shall yield innovation, a contribution to the development of our beloved land PAKISTAN.

Researchers from Alhamd shall highlight a contemporary problem/Issue and provide a solution for it along with feasibility report of it. The report shall consist:

1. Description of the problem/Issue. (Photos to capture the seriousness and impact)
2. Short description of solution
3. Requirement (material, expertise, funds)
4. Implementation Plan
5. Required time for i) preparation ii) Implementation iii) Outcome
6. Name and number of members (if a group participates)
7. Name of Supervisor (if required)
8. The report must be short but comprehensive (two-pager).

Research Report Template

The winner shall be awarded with certificate and prize money. AIU can fund the project if the idea qualifies the merit of innovation as contribution to the nation.

Research Report be sent on :

Organized by:
Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) and
Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC)