Vision & Mission

The vision of AIU-ORIC is to “Foster and empower academic research such that it delivers tangible impacts on regional advancement, establish internationally recognized credibility of research undertaken at Alhamd Islamic University, and maintain the stature of AIU among top ranked research institutions of Pakistan”.
To promote and strengthen research culture in AIU and link the industry with university which would encourage and accelerate the process of creation and diffusion of knowledge that would serve the objective of establishment.
1. ORIC is the hub of research in AIU
2. An engine of promoting cutting edge research at AIU

The Mission of AIU-ORIC is the development, enhancement, expansion and management of the research programs of the university and to provide a direct linkage to these activities to the socio-economic and educational priorities of the university. The responsibilities of AIU-ORIC also include assurance that research quality reflects excellent international standards and hence upgrade the stature of the university among the leading research universities across the nation. Pursuing technological solutions through advanced research would directly impact the performance of our industry and hence bridging the industry-academia gap would be another key part of our mission. The AIU-ORIC would finally serve as a platform for keen minded academicians to step forward and contribute to progress through their research efforts.