About Us

The Alhamd Islamic University is a recognized university of higher education, research, outreach and advocacy. The Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC) is a focal office of the university, which works for managing and expanding the research programs and linking them with industry and civil society by translating research outcomes into products and services.

The ORIC also ensures that quality of research should reflect the highest international educational and research standards matching with the world’s best universities. The office promotes faculty interaction for cutting edge multidisciplinary research and bringing research to public benefit. The office facilitates and engages with the postgraduate students and faculty for project proposal write-ups, budgetary planning, preparation of technical progress and financial reports, internal and external monitoring, scholarly publications and patent registration. Under Academia Industry Linkages, the ORIC coordinates for national and international internship of students, promotes entrepreneurship, technology transfer and product commercialization, and organizes Business Plan Competitions to engage with industry and enroll business startups.

The ORIC is also involved in outreach activities through technology display at various Expos and relevant national forums. The Hi-Tech lab under ORIC provides facilities to the researchers. The ORIC has a range of responsibilities and achievements and therefore a comprehensive document pertaining to policies, procedures and SOPs would further improve the working. In the following pages an effort has been made to enable the faculty, sponsors, reviewers and other stakeholders to have instant guidelines for better execution and monitoring of research projects.